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MATCHING THE DESIRE FOR ACCESS TO JUSTICE [with the political realities in Brussels]

I would like to start by asking a question. What are we afraid of? Or more precisely what are my former colleagues in the European Parliament afraid of? After all this is the Parliament that took on the might of the US government and voted down the SWIFT Agreement. This is the Parliament that voted … Continue reading

European Network for Mediation | Sofia 2012

[Diana Wallis | European Network for Mediation | Sofia 2012] Thank you so much for inviting me to this important conference of the European Network for Mediation. It is a real pleasure to be here with mediators from all around Europe and I look forward to sharing some thoughts with you. I am forever and constantly … Continue reading


Last week I wished I were in London for the UK Feminista descent on Parliament. I have never regarded myself as a particularly radical feminist but as I get older perhaps I find myself less and less tolerant of inequality. I remember as a teenager that it was a book which first made me fully … Continue reading


EU LAW MAKING | A POLITICAL ART OR A LEGISLATIVE SCIENCE Diana Wallis opening keynote speech at ELI Conference 2012 Thank you for inviting me here today to give this address. Earlier this week I struck by a report in the Belgian press which seemed rather relevant to my theme today. The headline ran; ‘How Belgium … Continue reading


Yes, the London Olympics were a triumph. However, there was one incident replayed on our TV screens which I found unsettling: the footage of Home Secretary, Theresa May, being booed by the crowd as she was announced as part of a presentation party. What is it that should attract or cause this sort of behaviour, … Continue reading

Mediation Evangelist

Last week I had what could either be described as a ‘crash course’ or maybe perhaps more correctly an ‘intensive revision course’ in European mediation. As is clear from previous blogs here, mediation is something I have always felt an affinity towards without perhaps understanding all the ins and outs of its practice; rather just … Continue reading

The Brussels Business | Part II

Subsequent to writing the earlier posting on The Brussels Business I have had some communication from ALTER-EU who are concerned about the way they appear to have been connected with the film. I reproduce here part of the e-mail I have received from Koen Roovers, the coalition co-ordinator of ALTER-EU: «I understand you have been … Continue reading

The Brussels Business

Last Thursday evening I happened to be in Brussels which coincided with the first public screening of a film (a self-styled documentary thriller ) ‘The Brussels Business’ – which business according to the film is the shady world of corporate lobbying of the European institutions. Of course, given my previous responsibility for ‘transparency’ in the … Continue reading

The Magic Number – 112

One thing I never got used to as a Euro MP was the reaction of certain British people who seemed to think that everything that had any slight connection with Europe must be related to some covert attack on our national way of life in Britain. Yet sadly this mistrust is all pervasive, so imagine … Continue reading

112 Awards Ceremony | Outstanding Political Initiative Award

Former Yorkshire & the Humber Euro MP, Diana Wallis, received the Outstanding Political Initiative Award this yesterday in Riga at the 112 Awards Ceremony for her work in promoting Europe’s emergency number 112. Diana Wallis, who has long campaigned for greater awareness of the Europe wide emergency number in the UK where knowledge is amongst the lowest … Continue reading