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Balancing Act: delivering a Just Commission (A Justly Balanced Commission? )

So what will the European Parliament do with the proposed Juncker Commission? There are two subjects that continue to occupy me politically: women and justice. It is through this lens that I have viewed the nomination and initial portfolio distribution of the new European Commission. All the individual Commissioners now face hearings in the Parliament. … Continue reading

Time for Yorkshire to shape its future

Copy of an article I did for the Yorkshire Post and originally published on 19th August 2014:   Time for Yorkshire to shape its future WE are now one month away from the vote on Scottish independence. The polls may well indicate a ‘no’ vote, but whatever the outcome it seems that all the main … Continue reading

Musings from Musselburgh

So the latest opinion polls indicate a slight lead for the ‘Yes’ in Scotland. Having spent a few days in Edinburgh at the beginning of the week, I can’t say I am surprised. There was a palpable sense both of excitement and of change. In a sense, I felt cheated because the reportage in the London-based … Continue reading