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The Brussels Business | Part II

Subsequent to writing the earlier posting on The Brussels Business I have had some communication from ALTER-EU who are concerned about the way they appear to have been connected with the film. I reproduce here part of the e-mail I have received from Koen Roovers, the coalition co-ordinator of ALTER-EU: «I understand you have been … Continue reading

The Brussels Business

Last Thursday evening I happened to be in Brussels which coincided with the first public screening of a film (a self-styled documentary thriller ) ‘The Brussels Business’ – which business according to the film is the shady world of corporate lobbying of the European institutions. Of course, given my previous responsibility for ‘transparency’ in the … Continue reading

The Magic Number – 112

One thing I never got used to as a Euro MP was the reaction of certain British people who seemed to think that everything that had any slight connection with Europe must be related to some covert attack on our national way of life in Britain. Yet sadly this mistrust is all pervasive, so imagine … Continue reading

112 Awards Ceremony | Outstanding Political Initiative Award

Former Yorkshire & the Humber Euro MP, Diana Wallis, received the Outstanding Political Initiative Award this yesterday in Riga at the 112 Awards Ceremony for her work in promoting Europe’s emergency number 112. Diana Wallis, who has long campaigned for greater awareness of the Europe wide emergency number in the UK where knowledge is amongst the lowest … Continue reading

International Mediation Institute

Ever since I was a young lawyer in London back in the eighties I have always felt there had to be a better way to solve legal disputes than that provided by our current legal systems. The position becomes even more dire when you take it into the area of cross border litigation, which I … Continue reading

DAY 01 | European Citizens Initiative

Yes, it is April Fools Day. However, this is no joke. This day marks the beginning of the life of a new democratic instrument for the European Union. This will make the EU more democratic and, arguably, closer to the people than our own rather historic brand of democracy at Westminster. This is about letting … Continue reading