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Balancing Act: delivering a Just Commission (A Justly Balanced Commission? )

So what will the European Parliament do with the proposed Juncker Commission? There are two subjects that continue to occupy me politically: women and justice. It is through this lens that I have viewed the nomination and initial portfolio distribution of the new European Commission. All the individual Commissioners now face hearings in the Parliament. … Continue reading

Party Positioning to Elect New EU Ombudsman

It is often said that the politics of the EU, being largely based on consensus and negotiation, are boring and that the debates are about as interesting as watching the proverbial paint dry. I, for one, always argued that the politics of European law-making should be brought to the surface and that whatever technical legalistic … Continue reading

MATCHING THE DESIRE FOR ACCESS TO JUSTICE [with the political realities in Brussels]

I would like to start by asking a question. What are we afraid of? Or more precisely what are my former colleagues in the European Parliament afraid of? After all this is the Parliament that took on the might of the US government and voted down the SWIFT Agreement. This is the Parliament that voted … Continue reading

State of Undress

Last week was billed as an important crunch week for the EU as we had the decision of the Karlsruhe Court, the annual State of the Union address, not to mention the Parliament meeting in session in Strasbourg. Yet as I searched the UK weekend press for any reporting of the outcomes of this anticipated … Continue reading