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Celebrity Politics and the Slow Death of Political Parties?

I have been intending to write this post all week but then last night in Bradford West George Galloway wrote it for me. I am not claiming any amazing powers of foresight nor would I anyway seek to detract from his quite clearly stunning win. No, the main story this week should have remained the … Continue reading

Tromso | European Movement Conference

In recent months Sir David Attenborough brought extraordinarily vivid scenes of life in the Arctic and Antarctic into the living rooms of the British people through the critically acclaimed BBC TV series ‘Frozen Planet’. Everyone, everywhere, who saw this series, has had their curiosity and sense of care for the Arctic awakened. This popular interest … Continue reading

So what do we want for the Arctic?

The Arctic has been described as the last imaginary place. Certainly it is a place that deserves the attention of all peoples of the globe. What is happening there with ice melt has consequences for sea level and weather patterns all around the globe. Of course, we can worry about the habitat and survival of … Continue reading

Media, Rumours, Fiction and Writing

My last two weeks involved a week’s beach holiday in the sun, meaning much reading and a week back in Brussels both to finalise loose ends and take my first step in a new minor role as a member of a Commission expert committee on Media Futures. My weeks reading in the sun got me … Continue reading

Citizen’s Business!

It is now a few days since I completed my first full week out of the Brussels bubble no longer having those letters MEP after my name; my verdict on life as a European citizen, – a relief. Ironically a good part of my first week was taken up with going to a conference at … Continue reading